Multi-Language Conversations: Unlocking Global Research for All

Have a single conversation with your target audience in multiple languages. Learn how Remesh’s new feature helps you get global insights 250% faster while saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Remesh has always supported dozens of languages, but now, we’re excited to launch a new feature that makes global market research more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Multi-Language Conversations allow both you (the researcher) and your audience to converse in your preferred languages. Translations occur right in-platform, giving you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and access global insights.

Let’s take a closer look at what this new feature means for you.

One Conversation, 35+ Languages

Run a single session in multiple languages. Need to test a concept in English and Spanish? Is your audience located in both France and the UK? You no longer have to run separate sessions. Bridge language barriers so everyone can participate in one single conversation and respond comfortably in their preferred language. More comfort = more authenticity = better insights.

Overcome Cost Barriers

Conducting global research can be a costly endeavor. Remesh’s Multi-Language Conversations are available to everyone using the Remesh platform. This saves tens of thousands of dollars per conversation and opens up global research to teams that have been restricted by tight budgets.

250% Faster Results

Conducting global studies can not only be costly, it can also take time. And sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of time. Waiting for translators and vendors typically takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish. With Remesh’s Multi-Language Conversations, you can slash that time down to one week — or faster!

Easily Analyze All Responses, Translated in Your Language

No matter what language your participants respond in, their responses will be translated to your default language. This makes analysis exponentially easier, especially for in-depth qualitative data. You’ll have one unified set of data — all in your preferred language — so you can dig into rich responses and extract meaningful insights without needing a translator standing over your shoulder.

How to Use Multi-Language Conversations

Multi-Language Conversations opens up opportunities for brands and organizations wanting to connect globally to their employees, customers, or target audience.

Expand or Improve Your Employee Listening Program

Let every single employee’s voice be heard — and give them the comfort of sharing their feedback in their native language. If you have offices throughout the world, or you have employees who speak different languages, Remesh allows you to easily open up your employee listening program to everyone.

  • Collect employee feedback from all offices in a fraction of the time
  • Understand global employee perceptions
  • Help employees feel more comfortable by providing feedback in their native language
  • Save HR team time and budget while gathering actionable insights

Scale Your Marketing Research

Understand current or potential customers in international markets. Whether you’re conducting exploratory research to understand what motivates consumers in various markets, or you want to test specific products/concepts, you can set up a global study in a matter of minutes.

  • Conduct a global market research study from start to finish in days, not weeks
  • Converse live with participants responding in 35+ languages
  • Understand what motivates consumers in global markets
  • Test new markets before expanding

Limitations: Cultural Nuance

We recognize that global research can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, and we’re excited to make global research more accessible through this new feature. We also want to acknowledge that while this feature is amazing, it isn’t the best for every use case.

Translations are highly accurate. Technology is improving all the time, but at this moment, it’s impossible to get 100% accuracy and capture cultural nuances. For brands that need the highest integrity in their results, or have very specific nuances, this feature may not be appropriate. In these instances, involving native speakers to translate discussion guides and findings may still be the best path.

We’re Just Getting Started

We’re always advancing our platform to address business challenges and give customers better insights with less hassle. Multi-Language Conversations make worldwide research more reachable, and we can’t wait to see how our customers use this feature to connect with more people who matter.

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