Our Approach / An AI platform for conversational research.

We solve research problems using artificial intelligence and design.

Our technology is always evolving, but we never stop putting the researcher’s needs above all else.

We collaborate closely with our customers, digging into their top challenges and bringing to the table the most effective AI tools to get the job done.

Innovation and change are ingrained in our DNA, steering both our approach and our platform.


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For 10+ years, we’ve fine-tuned this approach. It’s about mixing the researcher’s expertise with the latest tech breakthroughs. We keep things straightforward. No fluff, just results.

We are technology agnostic

We know how to build AI products

We know how to evaluate AI technology

The engine that powers our research environment.

Research insights are made possible by the Remesh Collective Dialogue System, a powerful machine learning and natural language processing engine.

The Collective Dialogue System uses predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence to instantly analyze and organize your data. It can make sense of thousands of responses, predict voting behavior, find the most representative responses, extract accurate themes, and so much more. All in record time and with minimal effort.

Our research environment...


Empowers the intuition and creativity of the researcher.


Combines methodology and technology to surface insights with confidence.


Augments research workflows with intentional AI application, enhancing efficiency and scalability.


Supports any organization’s research workflow by making data portable and easily importable.

We prioritize

01 Speed over perfection / 02 Flexibility over silos / 03 Innovation over status-quo /04Confidence over 100% certainty

You need more flexibility than focus groups and surveys.

We take the depth of focus groups and scale it.

We take the scale of surveys and make them more interactive.

No data silos. No long waits. Our technology gives you the flexible options you need with results you can have confidence in.

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