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What is the Remesh platform?

Remesh’s pioneering AI technology revolutionizes research using the most common conversational medium today—text. Refined over the last decade, our approach slashes time-to-insights from weeks to hours. The world's most respected organizations trust Remesh to tackle everyday research problems and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Turn your questions into insights. Instantly.

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Your audience engages and votes on each other’s responses, giving you next-level nuanced insights. Our AI organizes and analyzes these responses so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed.

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Connect with your audience live, pivot as new insights emerge, and ditch groupthink, focus group logistics, and moderation hassles for real-time insights.

  • Up to 1,000 participants
  • Timer-based responses with dynamic voting exercises
  • Real-time probing and analysis
  • Hands-on moderating or ease of Autosend
  • Delight stakeholders with a behind-the-scenes experience

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Connect with your audience on their terms, overcoming time zones and packed schedules. Provide total flexibility with a refreshing participant experience.

  • Up to 5,000 participants
  • High-quality, on-platform audience recruitment
  • Asynchronous response collection
  • Self-paced, interactive experiences encouraging thoughtful feedback
  • Real-time data monitoring and analysis

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Empower your research intuition and creativity.

Explore new markets.

Tap into the collective intelligence.

Detect blindspots.

Engage disengaged employees.

Discover pain points.

Uncover unmet needs.


Create a beautiful brand.

Respond to crisis.

Build trust with citizens.

Build bridges and consensus.

Empower your research intuition and creativity.

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Innately simple for everyday research.

For seasoned researchers and passionate insight seekers, our platform is designed to empower a wide range of curiosity and expertise levels.

  • Jump right in with our user-friendly design. We’ve got you covered with resources too!
  • Refine your research with an AI assistant and simulated practice environment
  • Bypass tedious tasks using our auto-moderation and instant analysis tools
  • Enhance your workflow with seamless integration that does not disturb your routine

Powerfully reliable for actionable outcomes.

We’ve been evolving our technology for over a decade to deliver reliable results you can act on with confidence.

  • Instantly organize and analyze thousands of open-ended responses
  • Better understand key audience segments with precision
  • Answer your most pressing business challenges with the authentic voice of your audience
  • Harness breakthrough technology that constantly evolves to improve your results

"The ability to combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies and watch the conversation in real-time has been monumental for the way we gather insight into our consumers."

Jack Lettenmair

Senior Cultural Strategist,
YUM! Brands

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