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The art of data collection.

Combine human curiosity and intuition with artificial intelligence.

Moderate a live conversation that feels as natural as texting a friend, or schedule a survey to collect data via our quality panel integration.

Remesh loads your moderation “palette” with every color, and you have full control of what goes on the canvas. Choose to free up time by sending all your questions on autopilot. Ask questions live and probe on-the-fly. Or collect responses asynchronously. Collaborate with stakeholders behind-the-scenes. All while watching data unfold in real-time.

Facilitating a Remesh conversation blends human connection with innovative technology.

Enrich Open-Ends with Voting Data

Beyond just answering open-ended questions, participants also express their agreement and preferences towards responses from the group. Remesh captures and systematically organizes this data— all processed through AI, delivering highly nuanced insights.


Conduct a Live Conversation at Scale

Gather up to 1,000 people at once (up to 5,000 in a Flex survey). Understand what your audience is saying in their own words in real-time. Dig into the data as it pours in and pivot the conversation when something interesting surfaces.


Moderating Made Easier

With AutoSend, your Live Conversation practically runs itself. Questions and messages are automatically sent by the platform as needed, allowing you to dive straight into the rich data you're collecting. This frees up your time for in-flight analysis, on-the-fly questions, and stakeholder discussions.

The Remesh platform enables us to access to respondents opinions in real time and interact with them seamlessly, being able to answer our clients business question in hours and help them move their innovation and creative campaigns forward

Arnaud Debia

Global Director, Creative Development, Ipsos

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