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Remesh has the flexibility to cater to your organization's core research needs, accommodating diverse methodologies, workflows, and constraints.

Not this or that. This and that. Plus more.

Remesh’s unique approach bridges divides for more comprehensive insights.

Gather rich, nuanced verbatim responses to deepen any research project. Integrate quantitative data for added rigor. Utilize AI-powered analysis to unlock efficiencies.

You decide the right balance for your study.

Remove barriers and get more research muscle without the heavy lifting.



Accelerate the research process with quick data collection and immediate analysis, reducing overall project timelines.



Feel confident in your data with technology that has been purpose-built and refined in collaboration with researchers for over a decade.



Make your budget work harder — Remesh enables you to consolidate multiple research tools and processes.

No one-size-fits-all solution here.

Where does Remesh fit in your research design?

A Singular Hybrid Solution

Some research problems benefit from quantitative and qualitative approaches without requiring a full mixed-methods design. The platform's integration of open-ended and numerical question types enables researchers to blend both methodologies seamlessly.

A Solution in Mixed Methods

Whether positioned before or after a survey, Remesh offers a holistic lens for addressing research questions that require a mixed-method approach.

A Solution with Other Qualitative Tools

Remesh is a complementary tool alongside qualitative methods such as in-depth interviews and traditional focus groups. It can be integrated at any stage of the research process, whether for exploration or validation, allowing researchers the flexibility to tailor their projects to their specific objectives and requirements.

A Primary Quantitative Solution

Answering 'what' or 'how much' can be achieved with Remesh's polling and ranking question types while offering the opportunity to ask and analyze open-ended questions if needed with the same ease.

Best-in-class use cases.

Whether you’re designing marketing copy, creating a new product, revamping employee benefits, or writing policies, here’s where Remesh can have the greatest impact.

Idea Development


Exploratory Research

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To get ideas.

Connect with your audience to understand their needs and brainstorm together to bring only the best solutions to life.

To refine those ideas.

Discover how your audience responds to different ideas and why, revealing what resonates and offering actionable insights for refinement.

To reduce risk

Assess how people will react to your fully-baked idea when they see it in the wild. Because some things are too critical to leave to chance.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

Market Research


Foundation Research

For early stage research, have a conversation with key customer segments to understand their needs and motivations.

Employee research


Change Management

Garner employee feedback and perceptions around major organization-wide changes and understand their concerns.

Market Research


Claims & RTB Testing

The benefits of your product are critical - validate whether the claims and reasons-to-believe are building trust with customers.

Employee research


Diversity & Inclusion

Discover how the company compares to industry or peers, how to improve representation of various groups of employees.

Employee research



Learn employee perceptions about the company culture, mission, and daily life, as well as support culture shifts.

Market Research


Concept Testing

Have a conversation with target audiences and gauge perception or engagement of new concepts.

Employee research


Employee Listening

Understand employees need and desire, and collaboratively develop solutions that lead to meaningful change.

Market Research


Ads & Creative Testing

Discover which visual creative resonates with consumers most, and why – to craft the perfect campaign.

"The ability to combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies and watch the conversation in real-time has been monumental for the way we gather insight into our consumers."

Jack Lettenmair

Senior Cultural Strategist
YUM! Brands

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