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What is Remesh?

Remesh is the industry-leading AI-powered insights platform. With over a decade of experience leveraging AI to modernize focus groups and surveys, the platform streamlines and optimizes every part of the research process—from audience recruitment to conversation-based research with hundreds or thousands of individuals and a suite of powerful AI analysis tools. The Remesh platform is purpose-built to help you get the highest-quality insights at record speed.

Who is Remesh designed for?

Remesh is designed for anyone who conducts research — professionals in insights, marketing, human resources, and government all use Remesh to better understand their audience. 

The platform is easy to use, making it suitable for junior-level team members, while also having advanced capabilities tailored to the expert researcher. Team roles can be assigned to give everyone the access they need to make meaningful contributions.

How does Remesh facilitate audience recruitment?

There are 3 avenues for audience recruitment:

On-Platform Recruit: Remesh integrates with Prolific to bring fully vetted and verified participants into the platform.

Full-Service Recruitment: Let Remesh find your target audience and recruit them for your session. We partner with a wide network of double opted-in panels, expert networks, and qualitative recruiters to get you high-quality and engaged sample.

BYOA: Want to BYOA (Bring Your Own Audience)? You can use unique links to invite your own participants. We even have email invitation templates available to use.

How does Remesh support global and multi-language research needs?

Remesh is accessible globally and supports over 30 languages. With Remesh Flex, you can gather data from up to 5,000 participants worldwide asynchronously, making it convenient for coordinating across different time zones. Additionally, our translation capabilities simplifies the process of translating your discussion guide so you can have a back-and-forth conversation with people around the world, all at once, in their native language.

During which stage(s) of the research process should I use Remesh?

Remesh is a versatile tool that excels at exploratory research, idea development, and validation/testing. Whether you’re designing marketing copy, creating a new product, revamping employee benefits, or writing policies, Remesh can help you get deeper insights in less time.

Some of our top use cases include:

Concept and package testing - Have a conversation with target audiences and gauge perception or engagement of new concepts.

Ad testing - Discover which visual creative resonates with consumers most, and why, to craft the perfect campaign.

Employee listening - Understand the most important asset of your organization: your people.

What are the pricing options for using Remesh?

We offer flexibility in how you purchase. That means that there are different ways to invest in Remesh to fit your research objectives. You can purchase a discrete project or a software subscription, which keeps all your data securely stored in one place and gives you access to all our latest features.

Let’s meet and discuss a pricing plan that works for your needs.

Can I use Remesh analysis tools on data collected outside of the Remesh platform?

Yes. If you have data from Qualtrics or another survey tool, but want to take advantage of Remesh’s suite of AI-powered analysis tools, you can seamlessly import your external data into the platform.

How does Remesh keep my data safe?

At Remesh, ensuring the safety of your data is our top priority. With the advancement of AI technology, concerns about data privacy, security, and ownership have grown. Rest assured, we take these concerns seriously. While we've been utilizing AI for over a decade, the data is never used to train the model.

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Data is not used to train or tune any models. Please also review OpenAI’s Terms & Policies and specific API Data Usage Policies.

In addition, Remesh undergoes an annual third-party audit. This rigorous process includes a comprehensive Penetration Testing report and a SOC 2 Type II certification, affirming our adherence to the highest standards for security and privacy. These measures are part of our ongoing effort to safeguard your data and trust in our AI-powered solutions.