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Great research outcomes start with a solid foundation.

Confidently design a study that results in reliable insights. Faster than ever before.

Question identification. Audience recruitment. Data collection method. Every research design choice should ladder up to your objectives.

Remesh streamlines tasks and enhances accuracy throughout this process. Using the power of AI and integrations, you can expertly craft your research project with confidence and ease. Tasks are completed in a fraction of the time, making everything fall into place. results in reliable insights. Faster than ever before.

Blend your research powers with Remesh, and you'll keep coming back, intrigued by the endless possibilities of what you can achieve together.

Easy Study Setup

Import your research questions from Word or Excel. On our platform, customize it further by adding stimuli, pulling questions from past studies, and tapping into the power of collaboration by working in real-time with your team. Our intelligent AI assistant is always available with suggestions you can use or pass.


Realistic, Simulated Practice Sessions

Launching your research feels like a big moment because it is. Our simulation environment ensures that you're not only prepared but genuinely confident. Test, refine, and experience your study from your participants' eyes, all with the support of AI-generated responses that mirror your audience for the most realistic run-through experience.


Exceptional Audience Quality

Quality data begins with a high-caliber audience. With Remesh, you're in control of how you engage with them. Opt for our seamless integration with Prolific for direct access to diverse participants in mere hours. Or, tap into our expertise to choose from a range of carefully vetted sample providers, or import your own audience directly.

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