Remesh Appoints Co-Founder Gary Ellis as CEO; Andrew Konya Transitions to Chief Science Officer

Big things are happening here at Remesh! We’re pleased to (re)introduce you to our new CEO.

Transition signals focus on making qualitative research more accessible than ever while embracing groundbreaking AI technology.

Remesh, the software company utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock qualitative research that helps organizations understand their audience on a deeper level, today announced the appointment of co-founder and COO Gary Ellis as its new CEO. Ellis succeeds Andrew Konya, who is transitioning to the newly-created role of Chief Science Officer.

As COO, Ellis oversaw the revenue and operations team for nearly a decade. His transition to CEO and the new leadership team he’s put in place signals Remesh’s new vision of making qualitative research fast and efficient. Although combining quantitative and qualitative research is incredibly valuable for decision-making, businesses abandon qualitative research initiatives due to budget cuts and time constraints. As a result, businesses lose deep insights that are captured from the voice of consumers and employees.

"We are living in a time of economic uncertainty, and organizations need to understand the needs of their customers and employees quickly and efficiently," Ellis said. "The rapid innovation happening now with AI is opening the door to powerful insights at record speed. At Remesh, we are proud to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking disruption, and I'm honored to lead us into this next era of empowering professional researchers and business leaders with a platform that makes collecting and analyzing open-ended data accessible." 

The Remesh platform revolutionizes how professional researchers capture and analyze qualitative feedback from an audience. Researchers can ask closed and open-ended questions in a live or asynchronous text-based conversation to hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of people to capture their individual and unbiased opinion. Remesh takes this data one step further by collecting and analyzing data on the collective opinion of the entire group. In a matter of hours, researchers can access a much deeper understanding of their audience.

Recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, like the introduction of large language models (LLMs), have the potential to reshape the insights industry, opening the door to unprecedented levels of depth of insights. While Remesh has been leveraging machine learning technology since its inception, the platform is now launching the first of many LLM-powered features. Early applications of this technology will focus on helping researchers quickly summarize large volumes of open-ended data and understand themes from individual questions and entire conversations. 

"Leveraging the latest evolution of AI technology rapidly and responsibly is something we are dead serious about," stated Konya. "While it's been the honor of a lifetime to lead Remesh as CEO to this point, as Chief Science Officer, I'm so excited to focus on the new generation of technology that will be fundamental to our success. Gary has been instrumental in Remesh's development and growth thus far and there's nobody better to lead our team towards the groundbreaking innovation we see on the horizon."


About Remesh

Remesh is a software company disrupting the $110 billion insights industry. Its platform allows clients to have a live or asynchronous conversation with hundreds of people at once, using AI to analyze and organize the audience’s responses. More than 1,000 companies, such as Barclays, Nestlé, and Mercer, trust them with their insights. To date, millions of insights have been enabled by the Remesh platform. For more information visit:


- Team Remesh


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