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Summarize generates text summaries of open-ended responses, turning hours of tedious work into seconds.
Who doesn’t want more hours in their day? Summarize takes tedious tasks off your plate, freeing your time to glean deeper insights or work on other projects. Want to share a brief synopsis of your Conversation with key stakeholders? With Summarize you can generate one immediately after the Conversation ends.

Interested in knowing how a target segment feels about a certain topic? Summarize gives you the rundown in a snap. Whether you’re looking to tell the big-picture story or drill down to an individual question, Summarize saves you the time (and headache) of reviewing every response to surface what’s important. 
Highly nuanced. Ultra rich. Lightning fast.
Conversation participants don’t just provide answers to open-ended questions. They also provide their level of agreement and preference to other participants’ replies. Only Remesh captures and organizes this data, which is all processed by AI, and results in highly nuanced, ultra rich summaries that drastically jumpstart to your research. 
Cut hours from your workflow
Spend your time doing what you do best.
Summarize doesn’t replace your research. But it can save you and your team hours of work and provide an immediate step in the right direction:
  • Surface what's important and connect the dots instead of reviewing every response
  • Help prioritize the areas you want to deep dive
  • Instantly share high-level findings and pull narrative text into presentations
This is big, so we imagine you have a few questions.
What large language model (LLM) powers Summarize?

Summarize harnesses the power of the GPT class of large language models from OpenAI, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. These models excel at generating a wide array of content using language and text. In this case, we use this technology to generate contextually relevant summaries expressed in coherent human language

How is the AI used to power Summarize different from other AI Remesh has previously used?

Summarize is our first Generative AI feature, employing a large language model to create intuitive, readable outputs around unstructured open-ended data. Unlike previous AI features, these new natural language summaries require minimal user interpretation, and do not revolve around specific numbers or labels. As AI is a powerful yet assistive tool, we do recommend review of outputs and underlying data. 

Use of large language models have been prohibitive in the past due to practices around use of data to train or tune models. These policies have since changed, and data is only used to create outputs, and not for training or tuning models.

What data privacy and security measures are in place?

Data privacy, security, and ownership are huge concerns with the rapid innovation of AI technology because it relies on massive amounts of data. At Remesh, we take this very seriously, which is why we haven’t adopted LLMs until the recent removal of the requirement to keep and use customers’ input data.

The recent requirement changes mean that the use of data for the Summarize feature conforms to standard Remesh policies, with OpenAI as a Remesh data subprocessor.

Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Data is not used to train or tune any models. Please also review OpenAI’s Terms & Policies and specific API Data Usage Policies

Can I use Summarize for the entire Conversation, or just individual questions?

Summarize has a lot of flexibility to meet your research needs. You can use Summarize for responses to individual questions. You can also hand-pick and select multiple questions. And you can even use Summarize to generate a text summary of the entire Conversation!

Want to use Summarize to better understand audience segments? You can do that too! Just select the segments you want to include and generate your summaries.

What makes Summarize different from other applications of Generative AI?

Summarize optimizes for both performance and relevance. The Remesh platform empowers participants to vote on others’ responses, and Summarize adapts to this audience preference by focusing on key representative responses. This unique process ensures that researchers understand not only how individuals feel, but how they align to ideas collectively.

With Summarize, your research efforts become even more powerful by enabling the most qualified people to tell you which data is the most important: your participants. While conventional tools simply copy and paste responses to generate text outputs, Remesh takes an extra step so that our users can get to insights faster and be more confident in the quality of the outcomes they deliver.

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