Better governments start with better understanding.

Understand your citizens in order to better govern and build campaigns that address the issues that matter.

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Your online focus group at scale

See how to set up, run, and analyze a live Remesh conversation.

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Better civic experience

Remesh can be introduced to engage citizens to better understand their thoughts on issues, and to test messaging in order to make campaigns that resonate.

Discover What Issues Your Citizens Care About
Craft Political Campaigns that Resonate
Create Civic Engagement That Leads to Action

The Civic Engagement Process with Remesh

Define Goals

Define the goal and topic of your Remesh session with constituents.

Engage Citizens

Engage in live conversation with up to 1,000 participants as they submit their open-ended and poll responses at once.

Discover Voter Insights

Draw out citizen insights in minutes as our AI algorithm analyzes responses in real-time.

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Remesh offers an exciting experience to our clients, who can log into the platform and observe the discussion unfold live. This lets us replicate the thrill and involvement of focus groups, without travel, time or costs.

Katie Kenney
Director, Global Knowledge Innovation Consulting
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Agile political research

You need to constantly engage with and understand your citizens and donors in order to make more informed actions and better campaigns that persuade voters. Remesh allows you to test new ideas, ads, and positioning with your audience in a way that is iterative and leads you to more successful outcomes.

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A live conversation with 1,000 constituents

With Remesh, you get the flexibility of a one-on-one conversation with an audience of 1,000. Since analysis on the responses happens instantly, you’re able to dig into topics that emerge and ask new questions on the fly.

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Common topics in Remesh - Politics & government

Segment, analyze, and understand in real-time

Easily see and explore what topics and themes are most common with your citizens during the conversation. Citizens can anonymously share their thoughts in their own words. Remesh leverages AI to analyze and segment this open-ended data live.


Hear the voice of the people, loud and clear

In the science of government, pollster results can only get you so far. In order to gain rich insights about your citizens and understand what they care about, you need to hear their opinions in their own words.

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Take action on the voice of your citizens faster

Get answers straight from the people who matter most.
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