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Better campaigns start with better understanding.

Understand your customers to craft ads, messaging, and a brand that resonates.

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See Remesh in action

Your online focus group at scale

See how to set up, run, and analyze a live Remesh conversation.

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Powerful Campaigns

Agile brand development

Remesh can be introduced in all phases of marketing campaigns and brand development to create the messaging and creative that speaks to your customer.

Test Ads & Creative
Tailor Marketing Messaging
Develop the Brand

The Marketing & Branding Process With Remesh

Define Goal

Define the goal and topic of your Remesh session with customers, prospects, or stakeholders.

Test Ads and Messaging

Engage in live conversation with up to 1,000 participants as they submit their open-ended and poll responses at once.

Unlock Market Insights

Draw out customer thoughts and opinions as our AI-powered algorithm analyzes participant responses in real-time.

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With Remesh, we get both-a means of quantifying qualitative input, and along the way, creating a participant experience that's engaging, fast-paced, and fun.

Julie Wittes Schlack
Sr. VP, Innovation and Design
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Remesh for marketing and branding

Say goodbye to bias

Choosing between ads, messaging, and creative can be subjective. Remove your bias by letting customers share their own opinions in their own words, and at scale. Our AI-powered algorithm also ensures open-ended responses are constantly analyzed in real-time, so that you always have your finger on the pulse of the conversation.

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An agile conversation with 1,000 of your customers

Use Remesh to have a real-time conversation at scale with customers, across any device, anywhere in the world. From testing a new creative, to gathering feedback on your next big packaging idea, you can harness the power of the customer voice for marketing that truly resonates.

Concept test in Remesh
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Analyze tab in Remesh - Customer segmentation

Understand your personas in hours, not days

Remesh allows you to organize your participants into custom segments anytime before, during, and after a conversation. Slice and dice the data to better understand who your customers are, and what they want.

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FASTEr Decisions

Hear the voice of the customer loud and clear

Get answers straight from the people who matter most — your customers. Our tool helps you consolidate what customers think about your messaging, uncover key underlying trends, and make the right creative decisions.

Launch your next campaign faster

Get answers straight from the people who matter most.
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