Customer Experience

Happy customers start with better understanding.

Understand your customers in order to craft a customer experience that reduces churn, increases engagement, and boosts their happiness.

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Agile customer experience

Remesh can be introduced throughout the customer experience to gather feedback from them, in their own words.

Customer Feedback
Customer Engagement
Customer Loyalty

The Customer Experience Process with Remesh

Define Goals

Define the goal and topic of your Remesh session with customers.

Engage Customers

Engage in live conversation with up to 1,000 participants as they submit their open-ended and poll responses at once.

Discover Customer Insights

Draw out customer thoughts and opinions as our AI-powered algorithm analyzes participant responses in real-time.

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The Remesh platform is a more cost effective way to engage consumers and gain faster, deeper insights than other traditional approaches. It's also an innovative approach to ideate new flavor concepts in a virtual setting.

Ratapol Teratanavat
Vice President, Consumer Insights & Market Research
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Percent agree score in Remesh - Customer experience

A simple score can't capture customer experience

Gauging customer satisfaction should be continuous, quick, and iterative. With Remesh, our AI-powered algorithm constantly analyzes your customers’ open-ended responses in real-time.

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Speak with 1,000 of your customers at once

An NPS score might tell you how your customers feel about your company, but you'll be left wondering why. Hear exactly what your customers think at scale. Ask open-ended questions in real-time, so you can understand what they mean in the moment.

Participant view in Remesh - Customer experience
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common topics in the Remesh platform

Dig deeper into insights -live

Easily see and explore what topics and themes were most common with your audience across the whole conversation, so you can ask follow up questions on the fly.

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Make your organization customer-centric

Whether you're trying to reduce churn, boost loyalty, or understand low customer engagement, Remesh enables you to connect directly with your customers, engage, collect critical data, and generate actionable findings - in minutes.

Improve your customer experience faster

Get answers straight from the people who matter most.
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