Remesh Named 2019's GRIT Top 20 Most Innovative Market Research Company

Our talented team has some new, exciting features to unveil.

Our Spring updates are rooted in providing the speed to launch conversations even faster and easier than ever, while at the same time continuing to enhance the quality of the responses and insights gained from the platform. 

Check out the video below (or read on) to discover all of Remesh’s new updates in real time! 



Full Speed Ahead 

Let’s begin with the features that focus on speed.


Requesting a new project with
Project Request Form and Project Request Dashboard

Before, requesting a new project was done manually via email. With our Spring update, the new form is accessible directly in the platform. After a few simple steps, you’ll be able to request all of the services that you need for your next project. 

Whether it’s sample recruitment, research services, or translation services — provide the detail and we’ll provide a quote for your next project within 72 hours. 

The Project Request Dashboard is extremely helpful if you are responsible for managing multiple projects. Gain visibility into the projects and services your team is requesting in one organized space.

With the Project Request Dashboard, you’ll be able to see across different teams, understand the types of services requested, review when a request was submitted, and by whom. 


Speed up and simplify research with the
Template Library

We’ve made two new improvements to our Template Library. First, the ability to reuse a discussion guide from an existing conversation. Oftentimes when running a conversation, you are learning and optimizing the discussion guide as you go. There may be certain questions you ask that engage participants more than others, and that you’ll want to reuse. This feature allows you to save time and easily tap into your team's best work.

Second, our new update includes six expertly crafted templates that you can import in a single click. Our pre-built templates cover general questions and messages like onboarding polls and pre-written instructions for participants. 

Other pre-built templates are for very specific use cases. For example, run a package test or a short concept test, collect feedback on workplace diversity and inclusion, or even run a town hall discussion with employees. All of these templates were created in partnership with the research team, who’ve optimized each template to draw out high quality responses — saving you valuable time and simplifying the user experience. 

Our goal is to continue to update this library by adding new templates that are based on the most popular and utilized use cases that we hear from you. 


Deeper Knowledge and Clearer Perception


Your new home,
The Hub*

All from one central location, you and your team can get a pulse on what is happening across your conversations. See at a glance  the top 10 most common topics and responses starred as important by your teammates across the last three months, six months or up to a year.


Control who joins your conversation with
Quota Targeting*

We know that during the recruitment process you are likely setting up quota targets. However, there are times that the participants that show up to the live event may not reflect those targets due to a first click first admit join process. 

Here’s where Quota Targeting comes to save the day! Get as close as possible to meeting your audience segment goals by providing priority entry to the participants that fit your team’s particular parameters. Resulting in a more meaningful conversation.


Reduce bias with
Randomizing Poll Options

This tool helps elicit honest, thoughtful responses from participants, leading to more powerful insights and reliable results. Now, when asking a poll question, moderators can shuffle the options with a simple click. 


Remove disruptions with the
Profanity Filter and Flagging Participants 

Profane participant responses can ruin an otherwise insightful discussion. With this new feature, moderators are able to filter out inappropriate and disruptive responses. In turn, keeping the conversation flowing and feedback valuable. 


Bring more to the conversation with
Rich Text Formatting

Rich Text Formatting — highly requested by our customers —  allows the moderator to compose nuanced messaging including paragraph breaks, hyperlinks, bulleted lists, and numbered entries.

If you’d like to learn more about our product features, visit the Help Docs and read-up on everything the Remesh platform can do for you and your team. 

*Included with specific subscriptions