Remesh Named #57 in 2020’s Deloitte Fast 500 List

Psst… We have something to tell you. Starting today, you are able to see a whole new way of analyzing your Remesh conversations. Introducing our new post-conversation analysis platform. We are pretty excited about it and hope that you are too!

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So, why did we build this? 

Well, we do our best to talk to lots of customers and one major thing we were hearing was “Hey Remesh, that live conversation thing was amazing, but now that it's done, where do I start?” So first off, to those that provided feedback, thank you so much, you rock! Without amazing partners like yourselves, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun to build. 


In a nutshell, this release gives you an easy way to organize the data from your conversation in a way that makes sense to your objectives, makes it easy to compare, and importantly, easy to get to the insights that are most meaningful to you.

Sweet! What's included?

We're glad you asked! The new functionality includes two major parts: segments sets and insights. 


Segments Sets

We know when it comes to viewing analysis, its all about how you compare groups to each other and how those groups are different. Our ‘segment sets’ make this extremely easy to set up and then switch between. Either quickly add quant questions as segment sets or create more complex sets that allow you to stack multiple questions together and use ‘and/or’ logic to get to exactly the group you want. In both scenarios, you can edit the groupings. So say you asked the participants what U.S. state they live in, but then want to organize by Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, and Southwest, we got you.  You can easily hone in on certain segments with multiple variables (ex: a segment composed of females who are 18-25 AND eat chocolate daily), as well as group by personas.



After you select your segments, you can easily toggle between all on your list directly in the analysis view. 



Now for the exciting stuff, insights! For poll questions, you can now select the way you want your data presented. Choose between a bar chart, a pie chart, or a simple data table (oh yeah, this is easy to copy into your spreadsheet program of choice).


For open-ended questions, we give you the same information you are familiar with in our normal dashboards: a list of thoughts, but now ranked in order by the Popularity score or by how similar they are to a target message you select. So say you have a hypothesis of how people would have responded, you can type that in and see how many responses were similar and how popular they were. 

How do I get access to these exciting features?

It's simple!  Just request access to the beta right here. Once requested, your CS person will be glad to get you access to the post-session analysis, show you what we are up to, and get your thoughts on how we can make it even better.

One more thing, what’s next?

Ah what a great question! We are working on some pretty cool stuff that will take this new way of looking at your conversations to a whole new level. We are an A.I. company after all. Want to stay in the know as we release new features? Sign up for our newsletter in the form below or request access to get started with the Post-Conversation Analysis tool right now!