Natural Language Processing Applications in Market Research

We love building for our customers (and future customers). As thrilling as it can be to create a new feature - trust us, it’s very thrilling - it can be even more powerful to focus on making what we do have even better, specifically, more intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible.

That's why we are thrilled - really though - to bring you our Fall round up of product updates, all focusing on bringing you tools that work harder for you, no matter who you are.


Uncover Insights Even Faster

Get the overview with Highlights

You can now easily see the top 10 responses that best represent the audience for each question in the live conversation.  This enables you to quickly and more easily understand the audience’s opinions on the fly.

Dive in Deeper with Filters

Filters turn your poll questions into an additional way to slice your data and see how different groups of people agreed on responses. Filers help you better answer your more granular, segment-specific questions.

Analyze it All in a Single Place with Analysis Updates

We now include Common Topics AND Segments together in the Analysis tab so you can cut the data in a more efficient, easily navigable way.



Converse with a Representative Audience

Here at Remesh, we aim to capture the voice of all the people that matter to you.  We have started to rebuild certain features on the participant experience with those who use screen readers, typically blind or visually impaired people, in mind.  This is an ongoing project that we will work on and have planned out well into 2021.


Get Organized and Efficient

Folders in your conversation dashboard now allow you to easily organize your conversations and keep corresponding projects together. You can even create a hierarchy of folders so everyone will know just where to look to find what they need.


Get Started in Minutes with Templates

Ever stared at a blank page waiting for inspiration to come to you?  That feeling can also come when you sit down to start a discussion guide.  That’s where templates come in!  Templates are pre-written discussion guides crafted by experts so you can save time and get started with your conversation even faster

Currently, we have templates for:

  • Concept testing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Exploratory Product Development
  • Message Testing

And we’ll be cooking up more soon!

Reuse and Recycle Your Favorite Discussion Guides

Now you can easily export discussion guides to make off-platform edits or to easily reuse discussion guides that you’ve gotten right to where you want them to be.

Check all the Boxes with the Conversation Scheduler

Running a conversation is an important event for both your team and us!  We want to ensure platform-wide stability and make sure our team is in the loop with every conversation you run. To help streamline this process, we now have a new tab named “Schedule” where you can easily schedule your upcoming conversations, and let us know how many observers and collaborators you’re expecting.

Excited about these new features? So are we! Check out everything that Remesh can do in the video below, or request a demo with us!