Driving Organizational Change Using Diverse Communication

Since COVID-19 fundamentally changed our work lives in late March, there has been an influx of content covering the topic. Although much of the content on the employee experience – from Zoom calls to town halls – has thoroughly explored the variations of this experience, a few pieces stood out. 

Here is a list of our top picks and coverage of COVID-19's influence on the future of work.


Marathon Live Series - #RemoteWork – The Future of Work is Now

This event is a 5-day series in which industry experts, futurists, researchers, and executives from leading companies gather to share how they're navigating the present, and how they anticipate change in the future. The event will be held by Scott Edwards (Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing) and explore what's currently happening in the biggest work from home experiment in history.

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COVID Accelerated Remote Work By 10 Years

Firstbase CEO Chris Herd speculates that by 2030, the majority of some 255 million desk jobs will be done remotely most of the time. Herd describes the two things that will most help accelerate this remote work further are talent and efficiency, and that declining to build a remote plan will become an organization's greatest deficiency. 

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Why long-term flexible work options could be a game changer for women

A number of economic and work experts chime in to predict the future of works, specifically for mothers. They predict that remote work may democratize household labor, assuming fathers have enjoyed extra time with their kids during shelter-in-place orders. The new flexibility afforded to women also means that, as the primary caregiver, women will not have to choose between time-off from a career and caring for their loved ones.

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Role of technology in the fight against COVID-19

What is the role of technology in AI, and what can we do to help? In this podcast, Kaveh Safav (Senior Managing Director at Accenture) describes how artificial intelligence, telehealth, virtual collaboration and data tracking are aiding in the fight against COVID-19. And, on the people behind that change.

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