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Source: MIT Sloan

Use of AI in Market Research Tools (Quick Facts) 

  • Only 33% of consumers think they use AI-enabled technology. Realistically, some 77% of consumers actually use an AI-powered product or service. (Pega)
  • Over 70% of executives identified the use of AI-powered tools as a “business advantage.” (PWC)
  • A.I. experts claim that “smart” systems in communities, vehicles, buildings and utilities will save time, money and lives in the near future. (Pew Research Center)


Day-to-Day Use

It’s clear that artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting all industries in all forms - from media to finance to consumer goods. No doubt you’ve been hearing all about it:

“It’s going to take over the world”

“We need to start using it on our business!”

“I think Alexa knows too much…”

Facial recognition on Facebook photos, personalized product suggestions on Amazon, and smart personal assistants are just the tip of the massive AI iceberg. Or AIceberg, if you will.

facebook facial recognition

These examples of artificial intelligence in daily life are consumer-facing tools for the market. But more examples serve to show just how pervasive AI already is in our lives. 

As for conducting market research today, AI is disrupting the way we think about insights. It can show us how to collect data, how to engage with our audience, and how to draw out hidden truths. On the internet, AI also assists