5 Ways Voice Recognition Technology Sways Consumer Buying Behavior

Whether it's staying on top of trends, learning a “surefire” strategy, or downloading yet another Instagram update, it often feels like there is always something new to learn as a marketer. But with nearly every great discovery in marketing comes an amazing opportunity to upgrade yesterday’s tools, like with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

With the ability to interact with consumers while presenting tailored messages at speed, it’s almost as if Siri really is listening – but in fact, creative testing is more aligned to high-speed customer insights gathering than it’s ever been. Say goodbye to boring, expensive, and traditional marketing practices. Say hello to hitting targets with the utmost confidence.


What is AI-Driven Creative Testing?

Creative testing makes ad campaign optimization seamless and more efficient. Like A/B testing, creative testing allows marketers to compare ads and study which concept is best at driving the desired results without lengthy and expensive trials, or messaging nightmares. But a simple in-person focus group is no longer the best solution for creative testing.  

If you’re wondering how you can implement artificial intelligence into your team’s creative testing, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top four AI-driven creative testing tools. 


Zappi Ad Pulse

Zappi is an ad and innovation platform with a dynamic suite of ad testing tools, which allows marketers to conduct comprehensive performance testing before new campaigns hit the market, including testing variants in multiple creative specialities. We recommend Zappi Ad Pulse, which uses the consumer brand funnel (from awareness to consideration) and key marketing objectives to run a control/exposed methodology on a specific ad within a campaign. The tool also provides a single brand impact score to gauge ad effectiveness.


Numerator Testing Panel

Numerator helps insights and marketing teams understand consumer influences, behaviors, and opinions to help you market to people - not demographics. Although this tool doesn't use AI, it does provide smart features that you might find in an AI-driven creative testing tool.

Numerator’s Testing Panel provides ad testing to gain feedback from your target audience, inform your brand strategy, optimize the customer purchasing process, and enhance your creative master plan.

Other Key Features:

  • Promo Effectiveness
  • Measure the effectiveness of current emotions in the market and better understand what role your promotions are playing in major purchase decisions

  • Package Testing
  • Ask your audience how they feel about package concepts to further refine design or manufacture elements
Concept screening

Junction Advertising Intelligence

Junction Advertising Intelligence is designed for marketers to optimize Google Ads and Facebook Ads, in minutes. Your ad’s creative effectiveness is backed by the insights from your target audience.

Other Key Features:

  • Unlimited testing 
  • Instant performance predictions
  • Channel-specific insights
  • Data backed decisions
  • Boost in productivity and return on ad spend
Junction AI - Predict Winning Ad Creative Optimize with AI



Remesh allows you to have a live conversation with your audience at scale, using AI to analyze and organize their responses in real-time. Rather than a traditional focus group, the Remesh platform allows a moderator to have a conversation with up to 1,000 people at once. 

Other Key Features:

  • Remove bias of in-person focus groups
  • Increase trust with anonymous participation
  • Ask on-the-fly questions for unexpected topics



Why is Creative Testing Important?

Developing your brand is a crucial part of any successful company. With so many areas in play, it can be a challenge to maintain and optimize your strategy given the unpredictable nature of marketing. Because of the industry’s dynamic and fast-changing landscape, it’s important to focus your efforts on strategies that are bringing in the best return on investment.

Ultimately, creative testing has paved an alternative way for marketers to drive desired results and optimize brand growth. And given the complexity of consumers and industry trends, software solutions have pioneered a fresh wave of productive yet efficient marketing solutions that work.

With the help of these four creative testing tools, you can get to know your audience on another level and never to worry about blowing the budget on underperforming ads ever again. It's the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.


Wrapping Up Creative Testing Tools 

Now that you’ve learned more about AI-driven creative testing tools, it’s time to find what works best for your team. While these tools are a great way to simplify your marketing efforts, it’s also important to note that each brand requires a unique approach, and that leveraging these tools to your advantage means looking beyond the standard use cases of an offering. 

Be sure to take the time to understand what’s important to you and your brand, that way you can discover how these creative testing tools can help make future marketing strategies seamless and successful. 

Thankfully, each of these software solutions offers free product demonstrations, so go out there and make some magic! 

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