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Use these 10 fool-proof customer feedback management tips (and accompanying tools) to improve your current feedback system, and launch the voice of your customer into a reputation stamp-of-approval.

  1. Community Feedback Tools
  2. User Testing Tools
  3. Survey Tools


Free Community Feedback Tools

1. Drift

If you've already jumped on the chatbot customer experience train - great! If not, it's time to install the new standard of customer service. Drift is a popular option because it's easy to install and they allow users to test a free account.

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1. TK

Free User Testing Tools


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1. Mopinion

Free Survey Tools

1. Typeform

Unlike most free survey tools, Typeform allows users to create an unlimited number of active surveys under its free plan. Although there is no customer service support for the free account, the interface is easy to use and a help center with how-to documents is provided. 

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1. Remesh